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Boring Beginnings

The mural that started the Hunt for a Mural Gallery.   One beautiful morning while taking my son to work the Golden strike of light lit up this mural in almost a heavenly sign from above.  Upon arriving back at the house, it was a joy to share this marvelous piece of art with my daughter. We came to the realization that we are drawn to these wonderful displays of #StreetArt.  We have taken them for granted for far to long. Then and there we decided to start documenting the street art and murals in our local community with the hope to spread it to scavenger hunt outings finding exquisite art. The excitement is more than just the visual art aspect, which in itself if spectacular. There is also the adventure of investigation to find out who commissioned, sponsored, supported and finally created the pieces that are freely displayed for everyone to enjoy! We will just get started with this and come return to add the details as our research to preserve these grand works of art that are extre

Dream Factory

 I can't wait to see what develops here 601 W. Lemon St.
Stay close by for updated status

Dream Factory Dream Bigger
Our Art is Our Voice


Stamp your Mural Passport with photos from your latest Quest

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